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A message from Margo Empen, Superintendent of Dixon Public Schools.

The administrative team and I appreciate the comments and feedback from students and parents regarding remote learning.  We are here to help you in any way we can.  

One question we receive often is, "How long should my child be engaged in learning during the day?"  Below is a table provided by the Illinois State Board of Education.  It is a recommendation for remote learning.  Each child is different, and each day can be different.  Stress and anxiety play a role in students' learning.  Be patient with your child and keep encouraging them to try their best.

Grade LevelMinimumMaximumRecommended Length of Sustained Attention
PreK20 minutes/day60 minutes/day3-5 minutes
K30 minutes/day90 minutes/day3-5 minutes
1-245 minutes/day90 minutes/day5-10 minutes
3-560 minutes/day120 minutes/day10-15 minutes
6-8Class:  15 minutes/day
Total:  90 minutes/day
Class:  30 minutes/day
Total:  180 minutes/day
1 subject area or class
9-12Class:  20 minutes/day
Total:  120 minutes/day
Class:  45 minutes/day
Total:  270 minutes/day
1 subject area or class

Students and families are encouraged to support academic skills and social-emotional health through activities that extend beyond assigned remote learning work. Some ideas are:

Mind:  Reading, puzzles, word searches, writing in a journal, counting money, draw a map of your neighborhood, building with Legos or blocks, listen to a podcast, watch a documentary

Body:  Take a walk, dance, exercise, stretch, yoga, 

Spirit:  Listen to music, sing, play inside or outside, creative arts, color, draw, meditate

Environment:  Clean your room, help with chores, garden, fix something that's broken, take care of pets, cook, bake

Family:  Write a letter to someone, play board games, play cards, build a fort, tell jokes

Most importantly, be together as a family.  Reconnect with one another.  This pandemic will end one day, and life will return to our new normal.

Please let us know how we can support you, and know how much we miss you and can't wait to be together again!