Willoughby Wallaby Woo, the Circus Came to Preschool!

Mrs. Scholl’s and Ms. Katie’s preschool classes entertained time under the Big Top! The two classes came together for stories, music and more! As the books were read aloud, children were asked questions about what they saw and heard about the circus. After that, an elephant stomped in to the ring.  She and the teachers performed songs with the kids. For the big finale, a tuba player and his bandmate joined in for the song Willoughby Wallaby Woo. The kids sang and danced as they tried NOT to get squished by the elephant! Some were even able to play a few notes on the tuba!  Everyone enjoyed the show!

By providing these language-rich activities, students develop comprehension skills in a meaningful way.  These skills help to ensure future reading success. A special thanks to Mary Holthaus, resident elepant, and Lucas Lauer, Dixon High School tuba player, for adding their talents to our fun day!




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